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Cloud Computing Services

Our cloud computing solutions will allow you to collaborate over the internet and help you run your business more efficiently and cost-effective.  By implementing a unified and structured system, you will be able to share, edit, comment, and publish documents. Therefore, with our cloud computing services, you will improve communication within your business, increase marketing abilities, and enhance all your business processes.


Advantages of our cloud computing services:

We offer customized cloud services that meet the specific needs of your business, and which are scalable meaning their capabilities, applications and their features will develop collectively with your business’s needs.

These services are also mobile-friendly and you will be able to gain access to your cloud system from any device.


We offer the following cloud solutions:

Hosted SharePoint – SharePoint provides real-time collaboration with the help of your business’s intranet. It allows to store and review files online, create wikis and blogs, and manage mailboxes. With this solution, you and your employees will always stay on the same page as it is the most sophisticated collaboration service for businesses companies.

Microsoft Office 365 - Increase your company’s efficiency with business email and collaboration tools such as shared calendars, tasks and contacts, emails and public folders at your chosen domain. Also, get access to them on Android or Apple mobile devices for a set fee.

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