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Email and Spam Protection

You will all be well aware of the basic benefits of email and spam protection for your business’s email accounts. Effective spam filtration saves employee time, which in turn means boosted productivity.  A top-quality spam filter also protects against a clogged email server and obscured legitimate electronic communications amidst mounds of junk mail.

Adequate email threat protection successfully prevents your business from getting struck by a data breach.  In addition to slowing down the overall system performance, virus-based messages may compromise the integrity of your network and hackers gain access to the information that can be turned against you. By implementing the most sophisticated technologies available, Altitude IT are able to produce the best possible email security solutions so that you can be sure of data preservation.  Altitude IT will help you recognize all malicious links, file attachments, and other phishing attempts under the appearance of lucrative offers from partners you are working with.

Altitude IT can offer layered security, firewall, antivirus, spam filtering, web protection, backup and patch management to lower your chances of being infected should a dangerous piece of spam enter your network and convinces a user to inadvertently install an infection.  You might be surprised how inexpensive business grade protection can be; additionally, it takes away the added stress imposed on the business owner, allowing them to focus their time on other items.

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