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Hardware and Software

When running your business, it is crucial to provide services at the highest level. Continuity of service is very important in sustaining your own client’s satisfaction when selling them a product. That being said, you should ensure that your IT infrastructure does not weaken or fail when least expected.  Altitude IT are committed to providing small to medium-sized businesses with all tools required such as to eliminate poor performance, significant capital outlays and low revenue.

Through our partnership with many well renowned technology solution providers, we are able to provide your business with an extensive range of servers, workstations and notebooks that will meet the specific requirements that your business has.

We are fully certified and provide a comprehensive suite of all Microsoft and Hewlett Packard hardware and software products. To compliment these systems we can also supply monitors, printers and other peripherals. Upgrades can also be readily accommodated. 

With all hardware and their maintenance programs, you can leave all worries about equipment replacement, operating system upgrades, storage or withdrawing certain components to those who properly understand their functionality.  We will take care of maintaining all equipment and managing your licensing requirements to help reduce any further expenditure and help ensure that these costs are merely for the operation of the hardware.

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