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IT Support Consulting

IT support consulting involves advising and guiding you through assessing the scale of the business’s IT needs and developing processes for applying information technologies in a way that greatly benefits your business.  

An IT Consultant should possess the following skills:

  • To be analytical by having the ability to look at complex data and find inefficiencies, analyse weaknesses and threats;

  • Creativeness in finding new and innovative solutions to problems ;

  • Efficient communication skills; and

  • Effective problem-solving skills to be able to analyse an issue, security threat or problem and make decisions on how to solve it.


Altitude IT offer services in which we will monitor and manage computer systems for you to ensure the IT infrastructure is functioning correctly and securely.

Essentially, Altitude IT is a company that you can turn to who has a thorough understanding of information technologies and systems that can help you implement an IT infrastructure for the benefit of your own business.

We provide on-site expert, friendly technical IT support to business, home and home office users. Unlike repair shops, we have a strong emphasis on explanation, friendly communication, and training.

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