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Managed IT Services

When your IT infrastructure doesn’t function properly, everything comes to a standstill.  With a Managed IT Service Agreement implemented with us, it assumes the ongoing responsibility of managing, monitoring, and problem-solving for IT systems on your behalf.  


By entrusting this work to us as your IT professional, you will be able to focus on running your business without worrying about IT problems.

Altitude IT, in turn, becomes an extension of your management department and takes care of routine IT system monitoring and management around the clock. By proactively monitoring your infrastructure, Altitude IT will help you avoid various technology issues before they affect your business.

We offer services like security, alerts, antivirus monitoring, patch management, data recovery, and backup for various devices, applications, networks, and servers.

Our managed IT services cost depends on your needs. Basic services include monitoring and notifying a provider of issues. We can also offer a full range of services that include everything from sending alerts to problem solving. Before taking on a new project, we perform an initial assessment of your current IT infrastructure, taking into consideration your type of business and budget to ensure we provide you with the best proactive approach.

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